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5 Ways to Use Twitter’s Tools for Local Success

on Jul 2, 2016 in News |

We all know that the Internet puts your business within a few keystrokes of people, anywhere around the world. But, if you’re looking for a specific customer, make sure your social media strategy utilizes the tools that pinpoint people who live, work or play in your neck of the woods. Twitter excels at igniting local interest in small business and can make your business more visible in your neighborhood, just follow these 5 steps. 1. Be Up to Date, Not Off the Back Before you start looking for new customers on Twitter, make sure that your profile is up to date. Fill out your bio with highly searchablekeywords for your industry, add your URL and upload a professional-looking photo. Only then can you effectively use the rest of the tips and tools to identify, monitor and connect with potential leads. 2. People are Looking for Your Business, Make Finding It Easy By simply adding location data to your Tweets, you enable Twitter users to recognize when they’re in close proximity to your business. That alone can be reason enough for them to visit your business; letting users click on the location marker icon on your tweet to find out where your business is located makes you one step closer to a sale. Pro Tip: Twitter disables your location by default; to enable it, compose a tweet and then click on Location Disabled. In the pop-up box that appears, click Turn Location On. 3. Use #Hashtags Wisely, Often and with Joy A hashtag—written with a # symbol—is used to index keywords or topics on Twitter, who created this phenomenon early in it’s existence, allowing Twitter users to easily find and follow topics they are interested in. Creating your own keywords can be a great way to ignite interest online and inhouse. Hashtags categorize Tweets with keywords, phrases and beyond, which help your Tweets show more easily in Twitter searches. Users who click on a hashtaged word or phrase, in any message, shows all Tweets that include that specific hastag. Pro Tip: be creative but not obtuse, if you’re promoting a service you offer, let’ssay, #websitedesign, hashtag relevant topics to help further your reach. If you’ve come up with a hashtag other’s use, you’ll see it pop up, or rather, drop down, with...

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