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3 Easy Steps to Mobile Friendly Website

on Jan 21, 2016 in News |

Being mobile-friendly, in this day and age, is critical to the success of your website and possibly your business. Mobile-friendly websites allow consumers to use their smartphones to find your website and, most importantly, use it on their device. Mobile users are goal-oriented, whether it be for contact information to find your physical address or quick shopping, being mobile-friendly is the new standard. Follow these three easy steps to find out if your website is mobile-friendly, Google-friendly and most importantly, user-friendly. 1. Test Your Site   Google has a simple tool to help you check whether your site is mobile- and Google-friendly. Simply put your URL in the box provided to find out whether or not your running a mobile-friendly website and if not, what you can do to fix it. 2. The Quicker The Better   Check the site speed and load time to ensure that when a consumer finds you on their mobile device they stay with your site as it loads; if the load time is too long, you will probably lose your customer! Visit Google’s page speed insights to find out exactly what might be slowing your site down and fix it! 3. Optimize Your Optics   Be sure your graphics and photographs are optimized to avoid disrupting the load time. Although everyone loves a great graphic or an engaging photo, be sure the dimensions correlate with your site, adjust the brightness and contrast to ensure clarity. Want to take it a few steps further? Make sure your Search Engine Optimization is actually optimal by clicking...

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Mobile Marketing – Why it is Important?

on Sep 20, 2015 in News |

Why should you care about mobile marketing? Steamboat may be a small, isolated town, but we are a world-renowned travel destination— people visit from all over the world! These tourists are coming in droves, with smartphones in hand. They are accustomed to using their smartphones and they use them all the time! If you’re not reaching them when they need you, someone else will. What Are Micro Moments? I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I want-to-do, I want-to-buy. Consider that 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store, and 91% of them turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task. These micro-moments are critical touch-points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. People are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand. Showrooming, What was it? Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store or other offline setting, and then buying it online, sometimes at a lower price. However, the trend today is to research products and services on mobile devices before visiting locations or purchasing online. Today’s buyer is more ready to buy and knows what they want, more than ever before.       Having your products and services made available online can be your stores chance to participate in micro-moments. Often people want the product now and unwilling to wait for several days for delivery or drive around looking for an answer. In other circumstances, you may offer the same product at the same price or only slightly higher. Not having your product and services available digitally will result in a missed opportunity. Consider what’s going on with retail stores today. Foot traffic has declined, and yet consumers are spending more time when they do visit — because they’ve done their research and made decisions before ever walking in. A similar phenomenon is happening when consumers visit websites using a desktop or laptop. Typically, they spend less time per visit but convert more often. In many ways, micro-moments have become the footsteps that lead people to your store or desktop site. Interesting Statistics About Mobile Users More...

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