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Put Your Best Foot(er) Forward with 4 Points of Contact

on Jun 22, 2016 in News |

The footer is the most under-used section of blogs and emails. Often, marketers are surprised at how most people make it all the way down to your blog or email to your footer. Those that do are most likely to follow you, read some more posts, or opt-in to your newsletter. Only people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say make it that far – but, when they do, you should be prepared. The first thing most readers do is jump down to the footer if they are genuinely interested in your content, your brand, you. It’s so much easier than searching around the header or sidebar for those tiny buttons that can so often have broken links. Take a look around: is your blog’s footer working for you? If not, let’s put it to work. 4 Pieces of Information to Include in Your Footer Your footer has the potential to be a conversion machine. First, let’s decide on your goal? Increase social media followers? Get readers to opt-in? Lead them to another blog post? Buy your products or services? Depending on your goals, you should consider including at least a couple of the following items in your footer. 1. Social Media Links Make it easy for an excited reader to follow you. Include either social media icons, links with the platform name spelled out, or a widget giving a preview of whichever platform(s) you’d like to highlight most. There have been many times when I’ve finished reading a post and scrolled down to the footer, hoping to follow the blogger on Twitter or Pinterest, only to find nothing but the blog theme. Usually, I scroll back up to do a little more looking around, but not always!  2. Opt-In An opt-in to your newsletter or free email course is a great footer option. If someone makes it to the end of a blog post the odds are that they enjoyed what they read. Giving them an opportunity to get more material from you, right then, is a win for both of you! 3. Popular Posts If you’re looking for people to continue reading once they finish up with a post, your footer can be a great place to include...

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