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What is Your Best Fit: Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

on May 15, 2016 in News |

If you’ve been online, ever, you’ve seen these forms of advertising: Facebook Ads andGoogle Ads. Facebook advertisements pop up when you’re rolling through your Facebook feed; you’ll see everything from native ads to side bar ads and just about everything in between. And, they are oddly targeted right at you! Amazing, right? How did they know I wanted gilded sneakers? Targeting. Google advertisements show up at the top of the list generated for your search. Let’s sayyou search for advertising agency Steamboat Springs. The first few items on the list have paid for that position. These two companies are wildly successful at helping your online advertising efforts, no matter where you are or what you do, because there are nearly 3 billion internet users in the world, 1.28 billion are on Facebook and 2.6 billion use Google search. Staggering numbers, right? Really makes you feel like a spec of dust in the grand scheme of things. Alas, they do not want you to feel like a spec of dust and neither do we! To help empower you and your hard-fought advertising dollars, use this guideline to choose between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Reach. Facebook has: 1.28 billion monthly active users 1 trillion page views each month potentially 43.8% of all internet users are on Facebook Google AdWords has: over 2.6 billion Google searchers every month 180 billion searches each month potentially 90% of all internet users utilize Google’s search engine Target Practice. Facebook Ads offer targeting options like: Location: targets consumers where they live Behaviors: targets based on online activity, like which device was used to access Facebook Demographics: age, gender, relationship, education, job title and beyond Interests: targets based on interests, hobbies and Facebook Page Likes Lookalikes: targets future prospects based on similarities to other Facebook users Website Customization: targets an audience created in conjunction with traffic from your website and landing pages Google AdWords offer targeting options like: Location: targets by country, region or city where customer is located when they search for you, not necessarily where they live Keywords: targets by keywords used in the search process Demographics: age, gender and parental status Negative Keywords: exclude keywords to sharpen your audience targeting Language: targets by user-selected language preferences...

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