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Your Online Reputation Matters and Should Be Managed

on Oct 2, 2015 in News |

Online reviews are a part of the everyday life on the Internet. Your online reputation can make or break your business thanks to the fact that 9-out-of-10 people read reviews in order to make informed buying decisions. As a business owner, engaging in the review process is imperative! Insights gained from reading reviews: When you read your clients’ reviews you will be able to identify common positive responses and complaints. This type of feedback is very important for making necessary changes in your business. Reviews are public–anybody can compare your reviews with your competitors’ reviews. The strengths and weaknesses of your competition is revealed. Reviews can be managed Review platforms provide the ability to organize reviews by rating level, or only show certain rating levels and above. You have the ability to respond to all reviews, be it positive or negative. Requesting a review is expected Sending an email to request feedback from customers on a one-by-one basis or uploading a spreadsheet to email hundreds of customers at once are two ways to request reviews. Personalizing the email design and content to match the look & feel of your website is a good way to reinforce your brand. Reaching out to your recent customers for a review is a positive way to solicit feedback you can use to make actionable changes. Reviews Are Part of The Customer Journey  Engaging in reviews is part of the customer journey. Interacting with online reviews is a crucial element in our consumer decision making process. As a business owner, becoming a part of this process is vital to your web presence, reputation, and overall success. We are now more able than ever to engage with the customer in their critical decision making process; these are called micro-moments. We are also able to manage the customer’s reflection of their experience with your business. Not participating in the review process is opening the door to unabated public scrutiny. As the public becomes more comfortable and dependent on purchasing or looking for services online, reviews will become even more influential. Taking the “I don’t have time for this” approach is sending the “I don’t really care about my customers” message. At Steamboat Digital, it is our...

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