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What the Heck is Retargeting and Why Does it Work?

What the Heck is Retargeting and Why Does it Work?

on Sep 29, 2016 in News |

A customer who visits your site and looks in to a product but does not buy it is, officially, an interested shopper. For them to then see that product elsewhere online, like in their Facebook newsfeed or on the sidebar of your Google searches, will reinterest that shopper and reignite their purchase. Customer Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers. Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%.Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online. Activating retargeting banner ads that follow your customers around the web with your marketing message is something you should expect from any reputable digital marketing agency. This method of online marketing will generate more web traffic to your site and help convert your best performing audiences into sales. Retargeting is most effective if you segment your visitors (eg, people who looked at cupcakes vs candy) and tailor the retargeting ads shown to each group, or not retarget them at all (eg, people who converted.) The best performing retargeting creative has a clear call-to-action and promotes an offer. Different products warrant different retargeting time windows. Eg, people shopping for travel should be retargeted immediately; people shopping for luxury goods should be retargeted later.   Steamboat Digital has paired with the most respected networks in the country to offer this service to you. We capitalize on audience insights your competitors only wish they had. We work to reach your exact target market with laser-focused campaign precision. Our media buying partners have access to publisher inventory so your message captures attention within the national websites your customers spend the most time...

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