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Best Practices for Creating Content and Successful Sharing

on Jan 5, 2016 in News |

Content creation for business, blogging in particular, may seem like a simple task, but it bears weight when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Content marketing is key to successfully cutting through the noise on the internet and getting found online by your future prospects and customers. Content creation deserves your dedication and a strategy. Most content marketers and digital marketers learn over time, from experience, where and how to strategically promote content. To speed up your learning curve on social media strategy in particular, we’ve complied a little list of best practices in content creation and sharing: Utilize social media to spread the word: it’s free, it’s simple, it’s clear Form an email list, don’t abuse it but be sure to use it wisely Constantly recalibrate your strategy as things change quickly in the world of social media and technology and you’ve got to stay on top of them Use keywords often and mindfully as they are key to the success of your SEO Hashtags are not a trend – they are here to stay and using them will amplify your content Maintain a focus on the user experience: remember that content with no experience is like a newspaper – it might be accurate but that doesn’t mean any one is going to pay attention to it, much less read it Videos are an awesome way to engage your customer; make them or share someone else’s often to enhance the amount of time folks stay on your site Daily creation (or distribution) is critical to you staying on top of your game Use social media platforms that make sense to you/your business and try to be as savvy as you can with fewer than poorly with many Engage your audience, this may mean a cat video every once in a while… sigh. If you find that, even with this quick-look list, you’re overwhelmed, it might be time to expand your horizons and find a new employee whose sole purpose is content marketing. Maybe, even, it’s time to change the game and hire a digital marketing agency: specializing in everything from web design to social media marketing, search engine optimization to video production, content marketing to content creation.   Click here to learn more about...

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Visual Content vs Text Only Content

on Oct 20, 2015 in Technology |

Even though it is possible to have high-quality content without the use of images or other forms of media, we know that visual content outperforms text-only content in terms of attracting inbound links, social media shares, time spent on page, and engagement. In fact, we know that 40% of people will respond better to visual information than to plain text. It’s likely that Google factors in the use of multimedia when scoring pages for its ranking algorithm, and even if that’s not the case, it’s a fact that Google considers inbound links to a page as one of the heaviest factors in its ranking algorithm, and multimedia-based content has been shown to be shared up to 12X more than text content. 4 questions to ask yourself about your use of media: Do my images or videos support claims or facts within the content? If yes: you’re doing it right, keep at it! If no: walk away from your computer, take a breath, come back, re-read your text content and find a photo or create an infographic to support that content. Do they meet quality standards from a technical perspective? Are they too large to load on to a mobile device? Are they too small and pixelated to see? If you answered yes, use this helpful guide from JimDo. Are they aesthetically pleasing? Simple enough. Are my infographics or other original visual content high quality (enough) that others will want to share them or link to them?    If you are using media content to support and further explore your text content, you are implementing inbound marketing naturally. Good work! Now to further benefit from smart use of media (video, images, infographics, etc), create a social media marketing strategy to help distribute, repurpose and refine your inbound marketing...

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